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Posted by dheepan dina on Thursday, April 15, 2010 0

Now that Pooja is bidding adieu to acting since she is getting ready to marry a man of her parents’ choice, the actress has just two conditions in store for her life partner. “I will marry the one who would satisfy these two things,” she says.

“Earlier I had about 30 conditions. But I have relaxed everything after I saw my dad finding it difficult to zero in on a man who fulfills the entire criterion. I just have two reservations now- that my spouse should neither smoke nor drink,” she says.

“I hate smoking and drinking since my childhood,” the actress says and adds: “Because, these habits would not affect just the one who practice them, but others who are close to him, especially his family members. So I am totally against to these evils.”

On her good-bye decision, she says, “It was planned at the moment I entered acting. My parents always wanted to see me settle well in my personal life. I would like to fulfill their expectations as a dutiful daughter.”

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