Women's Bill has problems: Vice Prez's wife

Posted by dheepan dina on Tuesday, March 30, 2010 0

Salma says she has a "problem" with the Women's Catch ill and feels that it will not be of abundant advice unless acquaintance is created amid women at the grassroot level.

"I accept a botheration with this bill. The government comes up with a lot of schemes and abounding projects but how abounding women are able to booty advantage of these," she told reporters on the sidelines of a action in Agra on Monday.

Unless acquaintance is created amid women at the grassroots and they are educated, such legislations will not be of abundant help, Salma said.

"Till the time they are not educated, unless they accept that they accept to booty affliction of their lives themselves, no amount how abounding such bills are passed, there will be no account to the grassroot-level women," she said.

After blind blaze for over a decade due to abridgement of political consensus, the bill accouterment for 33 per cent catch for women in the Lok Sabha and assemblies was anesthetized by the Rajya Sabha on March 9.

The bill generated abundant altercation and action from parties like SP and RJD which that said the admeasurement is unacceptable in its present anatomy and pushed adamantine for amendments for a 'quota aural quota' for the OBCs, SC/STs and Muslims. The bill was adopted in Rajya Sabha alone afterwards assertive associates opposing the admeasurement were marshalled out.

Incidentally, back the bill was confused in Rajya Sabha on March 8, its Chairman Ansari was at the accepting end of misbehaviour by several MPs opposing the admeasurement who approved to advance him by attempting to ascend on to the podium.

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